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  • Compact Smartphone Anemometer - for Apple iOS
    Compact Smartphone Anemometer - for Apple iOS
    Using this compact anemometer wind meter, which connects to iPhone through a special mobile application, you will be able to register and share wind speeds as well as other environmental and weather data measured by the device. By linking it, you will be able to share your environmental measurements..
  • Digital anemometer thermometer AM8901 AM8901
    Digital anemometer thermometer AM8901
    AM8901 is a multifunctional digital anemometer for measuring the speed and temperature of airflows. With compact dimensions and full equipment available for trouble-free operation, the appliance can be used for industrial and domestic purposes as well as in aviation and seafaring. For maximum use..
  • Digital mini anemometer / thermometer with LCD display - pocket size
    Digital mini anemometer / thermometer with LCD display - pocket size
    The AM-816 is a dual function meter - it measures and displays both the airflow speed and temperature. Compact and convenient to carry, it is extremely precise and accurate, providing always accurate reports over a wide measuring range - wind speed 0 ~ 30m / s with accuracy ± 5% and temperature -10 ..
  • Digital pocket thermo anemometer
    Digital pocket thermo anemometer
    The GM8908 is a precision digital pocket size thermo anemometer designed to measure both wind (air flow) speed and temperature. This device is ideal for measuring conditions in micro sources where no other anemometers can be used as it is constructed with high-quality micro connectors and bearings. ..
  • Handheld Digital Anemometer - Thermometer 8020 8020
    Handheld Digital Anemometer - Thermometer 8020
    The digital anemometer handheld model 8020 is designed for maximum measurement convenience. It is a handheld meter with a combined function to measure both gas flow velocity and  temperature, and the measurement of both indicators is performed simultaneously and quickly. The measurement re..
  • Multifunction Digital Wind Anemometer AM-4836C
    Multifunction Digital Wind Anemometer AM-4836C
    The digital, multifunctional wind speed anemometer AM-4836C is instrument used to measure wind speed, the velocity of air and gas flows in different facilities. Featuring a compact size and carrying case, the device is suitable for use under all conditions. Especially useful for measuring air flow, ..
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  • Multifunctional Digital Thermo Anemometer AM-4836V AM-4836V
    Multifunctional Digital Thermo Wind Speed Anemometer AM-4836V
    Compact Digital wind speed detector for sale - Anemometer AM-4836V is a multifunctional instrument that can be used extensively in various areas of life where accurate wind and gas flow measurements such as velocity, direction and volume of airflow are required. The wind speed me..
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  • Pocket thermo-anemometer for measuring wind speed and temperature
    Pocket thermo-anemometer for measuring wind speed and temperature
    The 0808 is a pocket thermo-anemometer that measures three units - wind speed, wind-chill and air flow temperature simultaneously. The instrument provides 8 measuring parameters - 3 imperial (° F, FTM, mph), 3 metric (° C, m / sec, KMH) units as well as KNT (knots) and Beaufort force (BF). This t..

In this category is presented a wide range of the best anemometers for sale on affordable price - modern and functional appliances with a wide application in modern life. Thanks to them, the operation and management of a number of facilities and air-conditioning systems is significantly more precise and the risk of accidents is minimized. The appliances presented in this section are of the latest generation. Different models use a different reporting principle and the measured data is as accurate as possible.

What is an Anemometer?

Modern models of anemometer for sale differ significantly from the device invented in the fifteenth century by Leon Batista Alberti, a renowned Italian architect. The initial function of the anemometer was basically measuring the speed and direction of the wind. Today, with this group of measuring instruments, the same parameters are defined but  for different types of gas flows.

While in the near past the anemometers have been used primarily in meteorology, today they are with much wider application. With their help, the measurement of gas flows (speed and direction) in the various cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) is not only possible but also imperative. The best anemometer helps the precise and trouble-free operation of air conditioning systems in industrial and residential buildings, as well as in mines, tunnels, etc.

After multiple changes in construction and measurement technology, the modern market offers a variety of anemometer on top price with different operating principle. In general, five main groups can be defined:

  • Mechanical - the most common appliances in this group are cups and vanes;
  • Manometric - their operation consists in measuring the dynamic pressure exerted by the air flow on a liquid placed in a special tube;
  • Acoustic - acoustic resonance sensors use resonating acoustic (ultrasonic) waves within a small purpose-built cavity in order to perform their measurement;
  • Optical - use a completely different principle of measurement based on the Doppler effect. Their work consists in contactless measurement of the velocity of gaseous, liquid and solid medium containing reflective particles;
  • Thermal - an anemometer which measures and indicates wind or air flow speeds by the cooling effect said flow has on a stretched electrically-heated wire.

What types of anemometers does this category offers ?

In this section are presented various devices that differ in construction and measurement method. The best anemometers for sale which we offer are mainly handheld digital devices with high accuracy of measurement. The principle of work is:

Thermal anemometric

Compact digital anemometer at exclusive price that measure both the velocity and direction of gas flows as well as their temperature. Most thermomanometers have a wide speed measurement range, and the parameters can be: m / s or km / h, etc. The temperature can be measured on  Celsius and/or Fahrenheit scale.


These are  portable digital anemometers using several measurement principles. They are able to measure the direction of the wind in a 16-way range. The speed is also measured in different units of measure - meters per second, kilometers per hour, feet per minute  and the temperature is measured again on Celsius and Fahrenheit. They have a large enough LCD display for easy reading of the results.

Pocket size

Extremely comfortable and precise measuring devices which provide  accurate gas flow speed measurement. They measure both the air velocity and the temperature of the airflows over a wide measuring range. They provide measurement of current, maximum and average airflow velocity. Designed with high-precision micro-connectors, pocket anemometers are designed to measure micro sources that larger appliances can not measure.