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  • Automatic circuit breaker finder and fuse detector with receiver and transmitter
    Automatic circuit breaker finder 110V and fuse detector with receiver and transmitter
    Circuit breakers are very convenient and safe appliances designed to prevent overloading the electrical system of cars. With such a tool, you can quickly and easily find a specific breaker or fuse that controls the wall sockets or plugs, lighting, and so on. The included lamp socket and outlet adapt..
  • Automatic circuit breaker Finder and fuse detector with receiver and transmitter
    Automatic circuit breaker Finder 220V and fuse detector with receiver and transmitter
    E04-011_220V is an ideal professional tool consisting of a receiver and a transmitter that quickly and fully automatically finds the correct circuit breaker. In addition to finding circuit breakers, this tool is also suitable for detecting fuses. The principle of operation of the appliance is as fol..
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This is the category from which you can buy a high-quality circuit breaker finder. Appliances of this kind are particularly useful in the work of professionals who build, support and perform repairs of various type and complexity electrical installations and low-current systems. To convince you that our best test tools are available, we'll look at their perfect features in detail.

Automatically and quickly detect correct breaker

What we have selected for you among many such tools is an automatic tracking device

that quickly and fully automatically detects the exact circuit breaker. Our appliances operate both with circuit breakers and with fuses supplying AC power or lighting.

Wide application

Each circuit finder included in our product catalog has been developed for a wide range of applications. Extremely efficient when you need to prevent  overloading,short circuit and  for  thermal protection. In view of reliable and easy operation and high degree of accuracy, our automatic testers are suitable both for professional and amateur use.


If you need a breaker finder able to perform other tests on the reliability and performance of low-current systems, our store offers you just that. Our appliances are able to quickly and easily locate both the short circuit and overload.

Our tools are used with success for tracking cables, locate circuit breakers, identify and troubleshoot energized and de-energized circuits and much more. Using any circuit breaker tracer from our collection, you will also be able to track de-energized lines and open conductors 

To make the complete set of measurements and tests, each of our digital circuit breaker finders is equipped with replaceable power supplies for the transmitter. Thanks to the additional components, errors and guesses are eliminated when detecting the exact location of the breaker. This group of digital meters saves you time as there is no need to remove cladding, coatings, and metal components to detect the target wire.

Multi-component meter for precise and reliable testing

Each of our electrical circuit tracer consists of several separate components. By purchasing a short circuit tester from our store, you will receive a set of transmitter and receiver as well as a 110V or 220V outlet adapter and 2 lamp socket adaptors.

The role of both interconnected meters (transmitter and receiver) is enormous for the rapid and easy work. We offer you the best possible circuit breaker finder in which the transmitter is connected to the tested circuit through exchangeable power tips and the transmitted signal is received by the receiver and transmits a visual and audible signal - beep sound, and LED.

An additional option are headphones. Once the transmitter is in place it transmits a signal onto the circuit which can be detected by the receiver.

When the signal is detected, the receiver will sound and light (beep-signal and green LED light). The sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted to determine the exact switch or fuse that protects the selected circuit where the transmitter is connected.

Compact size and minimum weight for easy portability and use

There is another reason to buy a circuit breaker tracer from our store. This is the combination of compact dimensions and minimum weight of the individual components composing the meter-tester. Weighing only 55 g and dimensions: 80x50x31mm - for the transmitter, and 150g  and size 186x90x38 - for the receiver, you can work comfortably anywhere - indoors and under field conditions.

The device is very handy and easy to carry, especially given the fact that the set is available in a convenient carry case. These are particularly sophisticated tools that require reliable protection at transportation, as the manufacturer and our shop provide.

We meet the needs of people around the world

From our store you can buy a high-quality circuit breaker identifier by selecting the appropriate power adapter for your region. Short circuit testers, as well as many power tools, are available in two versions of the power adapter - 110V and 220V.


The properties of this group of meters, and in particular of each of our electrical circuit finder, are directed to:

  • Continuity measurement of low-current circuits;
  • Locating and measuring short circuits;
  • L-PE, L-N indication;
  • Short circuit measuring without RCD switch off
  • Automatically and quickly finds the correct breaker
  • Suitable for both circuit breakers and fuses
  • Replaceable power tips for the transmitter 

The sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted to determine the exact switch or fuse that protects the selected circuit where the transmitter is connected.

Why trust our e-shop?

If you need a precise and reliable circuit breaker detector that you can use for years in your business, the products offered in this category of our e-shop are the ideal solution because they cover even the highest modern requirements and standards.

With each of our digital circuit breakers, you have full assurance of trouble-free and safe operation. Our measuring devices meet internationally approved quality standards, and some of them also have a CE marking indicating that they meet the key requirements of the European Union for product safety. Our appliances are completely safe for both people and the environment.

As a shop operating entirely on the global network, we are the best solution for buying a circuit breaker tester. You no longer need to waste time and money, as well as effort, because purchasing the latest generation of meters is easier and more profitable than ever.

We will offer you not only the best circuit tracer but also the most convenient and easy way to get one, whether you need it for professional or personal use. Our purchases are as simple as possible, so even people with no experience can handle from the first time.

The prices of our meters are very affordable. From our store you can buy a super-efficient circuit tracer tool, which will include all the items needed for immediate operation. We deliver the products in a form that allows you to make the right measurement right after receiving the delivery.

When you buy any circuit breaker locator, you will get a complete kit including also detailed instructions for quick and safe operation. Since any such tool has specific features and operating principles, the usage guidelines are extremely important and useful to the user.