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  • Air Quality Meter - VOC Tester / Gas Detector with Temperature and Humidity Measurement, with Japan Sensor
    VOC-21 is a new-generation gas detector designed to control indoor air quality. It performs immediate detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as: Toluene, Formaldehyde and other hazardous air contaminants. Using a Japanese semiconductor mixed gases sensor, this unit is one of the most acc..
  • Carbon monoxide concentration CO  Datalogger 0-999ppm
    M0198103 is a universal device for monitoring and recording carbon monoxide concentration measurement data. It is an ideal tool for providing a healthy indoor environment, especially in industrial areas such as unventilated kerosene and gas heaters, chimneys and furnaces, gas heaters, stoves and fir..
  • CD Software RS232 and USB cable
    A CDC-AZ set consisting of CD software and a USB cable allows you to quickly and easily connect a large number of measuring devices to a personal computer to store measurement data for more detailed viewing, statistics and analysis. By connecting a meter to a computer or laptop, you get a great deal..
  • CO meter tester monitor detector CO7701 CO7701
    The low cost and compact meter CO7701 has been designed to measure accurately the existence and concentration of carbon monoxide in the environment. Equipped with a large dual LCD display, the device provides a quick, simultaneous view of the current and maximum levels of CO in the environment. C..
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  • CO2 indoor air quality monitor with Temp. WB, DP, TWA, STEL & Vent Rate
    M0198130 is a multifunctional instrument for measurement of the concentration of Carbon dioxide and the ambient air temperature and relative humidity. Higher than the allowable CO2 values are shown with audible and visual alarms. The appliance also shows the TWA, STEL and ventilation levels for air ..
  • Desktop monitor for indoor air quality measurement - CO2, temperature and humidity CO98
    The datalogger and monitor CO98 is designed for fast and accurate indoor air quality measurement, taking into account the level of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity. Measurement data is displayed simultaneously in a large size on a super large LCD display along with date and time. Th..
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  • Desktop monitor for indoor air quality measurement CO87 CO87
    The CO87 is a desktop model designed to quickly and accurately measure CO2, air temperature and humidity. The 3 level LCD display is designed for simultaneous display of the three measured values in real time.Programmable alarms with date and time setting are available, and each user can manually se..
  • Digital 3 in CO 2, thermo-hygrometer
    M0198132S is the ideal portable indoor air quality monitor (IAQ). It comes with a USB interface for data transfer and recording and serves to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide CO2 - one of the most common and dangerous substances in the atmosphere. It is a digital 3-in-1 instrument that me..
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  • Digital 3-in-1 meter for CO2 level, temperature and humidity A0177535 A0177535
    Model A0177535 is a digital 3in1 tester for CO2, air temperature, Dew Point (DP), Wet Bulb Temperature(WB), and Air Humidity (RH). This is the ideal device for diagnosing air quality in order to provide a healthy indoor and outdoor environment. The portable CO2 meter is based on NDIR (non-dispers..
  • Digital indoor air quality meter A017755 A017755
    The digital air quality meter A017755 is compact and convenient to carry. It is also extremely precise in measuring all data on air temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius), carbon dioxide, dew point (DP), and Wet Bulb Temperature (WB) and air humidity (RH). The device is designed to provide reliable..
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  • Digital Portable Tester for indoor air quality measurement 4-in-1 - A0177597 A0177597
    The portable digital 4-in-1 indoor air quality meter is multifunctional, reliable and precise. Developed to measure carbon dioxide (CO2), air temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius), Dew Point (DP), Wet bulb Temperature (WB), Air Humidity (RH) and Carbon Oxide (CO) and the readings are displayed in tur..
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  • Gas Detector Formaldehyde HCHO Air Monitor Temperature Humidity Meter
    HCH-22 is a portable gas detector for monitoring the concentration of formaldehyde (HCHO) with an additional function - measuring ambient temperature and humidity. It uses special LED icons indicating environmental safety on the display. This instrument provides a safe environment by monitoring the ..
  • Wall-mount Indoor Air Quality monitor CO22 CO22
    The Industrial Wall-mount Sensor and CO2 Controller has been developed to measure the levels of CO2 indoor. In addition to carbon dioxide (CO2), the meter also measures humidity and air temperature, dew point and wet bulb temperature. The sensor is ideal for controlling the concentration of carbo..

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