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Dental surgical binocular loupes with titanium frame

Product Code: DL-025
In Stock
Price: $105.00

Surgical binocular loupes, Model DL-025, have been designed to maximize the magnification and clarity of the observed surfaces, a factor that is particularly needed in various dental and surgical procedures. With up to 2.5x optical zoom and increased width and depth of field, the magnifiers ensure high precision while helping to avoid excessive strain and tired eyes.

Binocular loupes DL-025 cover a viewing area of 100 mm with a working angle of up to 45˚. Since the bright artificial light in the doctor's office is often a problem for good visual adaptation, these surgical magnifiers have a special lens coating that fully eliminate reflected light.

The unique design of the loupes ensures optimum amount of light to be transmitted into the eyes, in order to achieve a clearer and brighter view with incredible depth of field. We can not ignore the special frame design of this model. It is made of the strongest metal alloy - titanium, which is also an incredibly lightweight material for maximum convenience in longer surgical interventions.

The frame has a Flip-up function for extra flexibility and a strap for firm attachment to the head. Loupes are Galilean style and are available in a special moisture-absorbing pack in a stylish black carrying case with a durable rubber pad.


  • Titanium frame - stronger than all other metal products
  • Optical zoom: 2.5 x
  • Large working distance and angle of deflection
  • Working distance: 420 mm
  • Depth of field: 90 mm
  • Area of view: 100 mm
  • Working angle: up to 45˚
  • Special coating of lenses eliminating reflected light
  • Flip-up function for extra flexibility
  • Inter puppilary distance: 45 - 70 mm - adjustable
  • Extremely light and comfortable
  • Decrease fatigue and eye strain
  • Suitable for daily dental procedures as well as for complicated surgical interventions.


  • Galilean style
  • Magnification Power : 2.5x
  • Working Distance : 420mm
  • Depth of Field : 90mm
  • Field of View : 100mm
  • Frame: Titanium
  • Inter-pupillary Distance : 45 - 70mm adjustable
  • Working Angle : up to 45 degrees
  • Weight : approx. 79g
 The set includes:
  • 1 pc of titanium dental Loupes
  • 2 pcs of side shields
  • Adjustment tool / screwdriver
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Safety headband
  • Flip Up Paddle
  • Stylish black carrying case with moisture absorbent storage pack

Superiority that you should not neglect

DL-025 are dental / surgical loupes and their superiority over most optical instruments is beyond doubt. The most important factor contributing to their perfect features is the combination of functional design and entirely new technology of the lenses structure. This model of binocular magnifiers provides 2.5x optical magnification of the observed detail - an ideal solution for performing medical and dental procedures of different kind and complexity Features:

In support of the statement that DL-025 are the best surgical loupes, we'll look at some important technical features with which they are better than most medical instruments of this type. We’ll take in attention:

Focal length

Surgery loupes DL-025 cover a working area of 420 mm with a depth of field of 90 mm and a viewing area of 100 mm. Considering that the magnifying glass is an optical instrument consisting of a single lens with curved surface or a combination of multiple lenses, its role is to serve for observation of extremely small details in a perimeter smaller than the focal distance between the eye and the object of observation.

The magnification of a magnifying glass depends upon where it is placed between the user's eye and the object being viewed, and the total distance between them. Among the most important parameters of the magnifying glass are its diameter and its focal length, and the viewed object must be at a distance shorter than the focal length of the lens used. If the object is farther away from the focal length of the lens, the image appears blurred and inverted.

Prismatic Loupes

There are different types of loupes part of which consists of multiple lenses in the form of concentric circles acting together as a convex lens, also known as fresnel lenses. Generally, they are a complex profiled glass or plastic plate, on one side of the lens are divided into a set of concentric annular sections, focusing and diffusing the light in different ways. There is also a special type of small prismatic loupe with  10x magnification. It is our dental surgical loupes DL-021.

Galilean style

Surgical loupes help relieve eye strain by increasing the image when working on small details or performing precise operations. They are portable and easier for use than the surgical microscope, but there are some differences between them. Style is what distinguishes different types of surgical loupes. DL-021 are designed in Galilean style - a design named on its creator, Galileo Galilei.

The astronomer of the 17th century, Galileo has designed and created magnifying glass using multiple lenses with an optical zoom of between 2 and 3 times. Galilean-style loupes are convenient and easy to use, and also very affordable. If you are looking for the lowest price, then DL-021 meets your requirements.

For greater optical zoom up to about 8.0x, prismatic magnifiers  are available. Designed by Johannes Kepler, prismatic loupes use multiple lenses and prisms to magnify the observed object. They offer higher optical zoom, high resolution, and greater depth of field. This category offers a selection of  surgery loupes in both styles – Galilean and Prismatic.

Things to keep in mind when buying dental surgical loupes

There are a few important factors to consider before buying a surgical loupes:

Depth of field

Alike the field of view, the field depth is directly related to the working distance and zoom factor. Depth of field is the distance about the Plane of Focus (POF) where objects appear acceptably sharp in an image. For a deeper depth of field, choose surgical loupes for sale with a longer working distance or a lower magnification factor, such as DL-021.

Interpupillary distance

Interpupillary distance in surgical binocular loupes is one of the most important factors for the convenience and precision of medical procedures. That is why all of our products have adjustable Interpupillary distance so that everyone can  adjust the loupes to their personal needs.

Lens Coating

All of our surgical loupes have a special lens coating that prevents glare from artificial lighting. The best developments in medical binocular magnifying glasses have a multi-layered lens coating that has the ability to eliminate glare and blur, and to protect fine optics from scratches.

Flip Up feature

Our dental loupes - absolutely all of the products included in this category have a convenient Flip Up feature. Flip Up style Titanium frames give great freedom to the dental specialist and surgeon. Using a special clip mechanism, the loupes can be removed temporarily without having to remove the glasses. This gives considerable flexibility in performing procedures where the monitoring of small details is not a constant necessity.

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