Fish Finder with bottom contour wireless sonar sensor - 45 m depth

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The Fishfinder with Wireless Sonar Model FFW-718 is designed to detect small and large fish at a depth of up to 45 meters. The unit can detect both single specimens and large fish groups with high precision. Thanks to the remote-controlled wireless sonar, the device shows true changing  of bottom contour that is updated in real-time measurement.

It also provides data on the water temperature in the two units of measurement - Celsius and Fahrenheit by choice. Equipped with a high-contrast LCD display, the device shows the presence of fish with an icon and sound notification. The appliance has a CE & RoHS mark for compliance with EU directives on the safety of measuring instruments.


  • Compact and precise detection device for small and large fish - in groups or single
  • Shows the depth at which fish passages or single specimens are located
  • Shows real-time bottom contour information
  • Maximum depth: 45 m / minimum depth: 0.7 m (2 ft)
  • Water temperature indicator in ° C / ° F
  • Selectable depth reading in meters or feet, based on user preferences
  • Operating range of the wireless sensor: 120 m at 90 ° angle
  • Sonar frequency: 125KHz
  • Built-in memory that stores the sonar setting when the device is turned off
  • IPX4 Waterproof design - level 4 spray-water- proof
  • Display: large adjustable high contrast Dot matrix FSTN LCD 128V X 64H
  • Display size: 41mmW x 48mmH
  • Backlight: White LED light - on and off option
  • Menu language: English (default) with a choice for Russian and German
  • Automatic shutdown of the sensor when removed from the water
  • Icon or alarm notification at fish detection
  • Sound depth alarm and battery status indicator
  • Adjustable sensitivity level (Anti-clutter setting)
  • Adjustable depth range settings
  • Adjustable zoom setting (OFF from 5 to 45 m)
  • 100% waterproof floating sensor
  • Adjustable chart speed


  • Big Adjustable High-contrast Dot matrix FSTN LCD 128V X 64H Display, size: 41W x 48H
  • Shows precisely the changes in water bottom contour
  • Depth Range Max/Min: 45 meters / 2ft (0.7 meters)
  • Water temperature indicator: °C / °F
  • Measuring options: feet or meters
  • Wireless sensor: 90° beam angle
  • Wireless working range: 120 meters
  • Back lighting: on/off white LED
  • Sonar Frequency: 125KHz

Working temperature: 14 ~ 122 ° F (-10 ~ 50 ° C)

Storage temperature: -4 ~ 158 ° F (-20 ~ 70 ° C)

Power supply:

Controller: 4 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

Wireless sensor: 1 x CR-2032 battery (included)

Wireless sonar with simulation mode – wire/cable not required

Set Contents:

  • 1 pc wireless fish finder with a dot matrix display
  • 1 wireless remote sonar sensor - remote control
  • 1 pc of external antenna
  • 1 piece of neck strap
  • 1 pc battery 3V CR2032 for sensor
  • Warranty card
  • English Instruction Manual
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