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Fully complete fishing equipment in the form of Fish Finder, signal tower (adapted for mounting on a fishing boat), tower antenna and sonar sensor. This is all you need to find fish in all waters - oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. The device can not only detect large fish passages, but also measure the water temperature. Depending on your personal preferences and region, you can choose the temperature scale - Celsius or Fahrenheit.

In addition to the temperature, the meter also measures the water depth and depth of the fish. Here the units are again optional, and you can choose whether the depth to be measured in meters or feet by selecting from the menu. A very important factor for good catching is the state of the bottom contour. The Fish Finder, the FF918-CWL, will keep you up to date on the bottom contour and will inform you of the presence of grass, sand and rocks. The information is provided on a large LCD display.

Directions for use: Install the signal tower (transmitting antenna) to the boat, connect it to the power supply and proceed with turning on your Fish Finder.


  • Designed for fish detection, water temperature measurement, water depth measurement and the depth at which the fish is located
  • Possibility for a large number of individual settings: 
    • sensitivity
    • zoom range
    • units of measure
    • depth range
    • shallow alarm
    • fish icon
    • fish alarm
    • chart speed
    • color tone
    • brightness
    • battery alarm
  • Display Indications:
    • Medium and small icons - fish
    • Depth of fish location
    • Live update of bottom contour
    • Battery Capacity
    • Depth Ruler
  • Built-in memory automatically preserving the current settings before switching off the device
  • Bilingual menu - English and Russian
  • Big color display 3.5 "MVA / TFT LCD
  • Backlight Features with On/ Off White LED


Main Unit:

  • Display: 3.5-inch MVA-TFT-LCD
  • Sonar operational frequency: 200 KHz
  • Backlight: On/Off White LED
  • Optional units: meters / feet; Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • Power requirement: 11 ~ 13VDC
  • User modes Selection: Start Up, Simulation

Sonar Sensor:

  • Sonar Beam Angle: 45˚
  • Depth range: 3 ~ 300 ft (1 ~ 100 m)
  • Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Maximum RF distance: 980 feet (300 m) (less than 980 feet in turbulent waters)
  • Operating temperature: -14 ~ 122 ° F (-10 ~ 50 ° C)

The set includes:

  • 1 x Main Unit - Boat Fish Finder
  • 1 x sonar sensor with transmitter cable
  • 1 x wireless signal tower
  • 1 x of wireless tower antenna
  • 3 x connecting cables
  • Instructions in English
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