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  • Gloss Meter - 60˚ with range 0.1 ~ 200 gloss units GM-06
    Gloss meter GM-06 is a compact, easy-to-carry and precise device for measuring gloss on different surfaces. It can be widely used in car services (to measure gloss on auto paints and varnishes); Maintenance of floors (for measuring the gloss of stone and tiles); Inspection of the cleanliness of floo..
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  • Handheld multi-gloss meter with 20 and 60 degree measuring angle and memory GM-026
    The compact gloss meter, model GM-026, is a portable handheld device designed to measure the reflection gloss on different surfaces. The model uses a 20 and 60 degree measuring angle with the ability to store up to 254 data groups that are provided for subsequent analysis or comparison. GM-026 Gloss..
  • Portable multi-gloss meter with 4-digit LCD backlit display
    Gloss is an aspect of the visual perception of different objects that is no less important than color in terms of the psychological impact of a product on the consumer. Gloss Meters are a particularly important attribute in the manufacture, repair and maintenance of various objects and surfaces - fl..
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