Mini Jeweler Loupe Magnifier GM11 10x optical zoom with LED and UV light, 21mm lens

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A jeweler magnifying glass model GM11 can easily be called a jeweler's microscope. With a 10-x magnification of the 21 mm triplet lens and two light sources - UV and LED lights, the Loupe provides detailed monitoring of all fine and delicate details. The device uses a triplet lens system, corrected for spherical and chromatic aberration, to eliminate color change and place any part of the field of view under sharp focus.

An additional advantage of the loupe is the Achromatic and Aplanatic lens, providing better quality of observation. Lighting is activated by a separate miniature switch, and both LED and UV light sources can not be used at the same time as LED makes UV light virtually unusable.

The purpose of both types of lights is strictly specific and can not be replaced by another light source. UV light is used to check for fluorescence in some diamonds. Fluorescent diamonds will look cloudy when viewed with UV light. The GM11 Jeweler Loupe is extremely useful when working on microscopic surfaces with the ability to give maximum clarity to the finest details.


  • Mini Jeweler Loupe Magnifier with 21 mm triplet lens - perfect for viewing diamonds and gemstones, repairing watches, and more.
  • Two types of lighting: 6 LED built-in band wrapping round the lens edge; UV light set into the base
  • High quality 21mm optical lenses with 10x magnification power
  • Achromatic and Aplanatic optical glass magnifier
  • Emitting cold, bright light providing clear image and excellent visibility even under poor light conditions
  • Direct illumination with shadow elimination
  • Made of high quality optics and top quality metal cases
  • Available in a stylish gift box, leather bag, 3 button batteries and a key for screw latch.


Aplanatic lens - corrected for spherical aberrations to provide a larger field of view from end to end

Achromatic lens - corrected for color degradation to see the real colors of precious stones

Triple lens - three separate lenses bonded together, significantly superior to the doublet and single lens


  • UV light
  • 6 x White LED Light
  • Achromatic and Aplanatic Loupe
  • Magnification: 10 times
  • Lens diameter: 21 mm optic glass
  • Foldable
  • Power supply: 4 button batteries

The set includes:

  • 1 x foldable jeweler Loupe
  • Leather case
  • Stylish gift box
  • Key for screw latch
  • 4 button batteries - free
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