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  • 48 LED Ring light GX 480 for microscopes and cameras GX-480
    The GX-480 ring LED Light is designed for co-operation with any camera or microscope type, the main merit of which is due to its adjustable mounting diameter of 30 to 60 mm. The main purpose of the light is to cover a wide illumination perimeter that can be adjusted to the user's desire and needs. T..
  • 72 LED Ring Light for Camera Lens and Microscope with Illuminator and Flash HS-72
    The HS-72 ring LED light is suitable for mounting on camera lenses and microscopes. It offers four zone control to illuminate at different angles and brightness control to adjust the intensity of light by each zone or as a whole. The device has a metal housing with excellent insulating and antistati..
  • 80 LED Camera Microscope Ring Light CE KD-200
    The KD-200 ring light is an optional addition to a large number of microscopes and cameras and is designed to improve image quality while observing poorly illuminated or small and hard to see details. It is widely used in many areas of industry, especially in electronics, allowing inspection and qua..
  • Hand held 400x fiber optic inspection microscope CL-400 CL-400
    The CL-400 is a compact and precise microscope with a 400x optical zoom. It is designed for precise inspection of fiber terminations, where dust, scratches and other pollutants may interfere with the transmission of light on the optical media. Detailed inspection of all optical connectors is crucial..
  • Hand held Fiber Inspection Microscope with 200X magnification CL-200
    The hand-held microscope, model CL-200, is intended for inspection of the fiber optic terminations. It helps solve the most serious problems with modern optical networks, where dust and other pollutants hinder the transmission of light on the optical media. Impeccable purity on all optical connector..
  • LED Camera Microscope Ring Light White Lights GX-380
    The 48XL GX-380 ring light will provide extra clarity and detailed image to your camera or microscope lens without any unpleasant glare, shadow or reflection. With its adjustable diameter of 30 to 74.5 mm, it can be mounted on big cameras and microscopes, as well as on other diagnostic equipment. ..
  • Microscope and camera ring light with 144 LED bulbs GX-860
    GX-860 Microscope Ring Light is easy to install, energy-saving, and minimizes heat during work to maximize user comfort for long-term use. Equipped with 144 evenly distributed LED lights, it provides a soft illumination of the subject without any distortion. The unit has 4 function mode control butt..
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