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  • Air Dryer moisture absorbing silica beads for ozone generator OZ-30N
    The air dryer is a product that is sold separately from the ozone generator and its purpose is to enhance the operation of your main unit. This type of additional equipment is becoming more and more necessary for the various ozone systems as it increases the power of the generator and reduces the ne..
  • Digital ozone generator - air purifier OZ-004
    OZ-004 is a new generation ozone generator. It uses full digital control and provides a completely silent ozone output thanks to the higher frequencies used by the power source. The appliance uses high-efficiency ozone technology, also known as a corona discharge. It is fully ready for work without ..
  • Ozone generator 1250 mg/ h - Drinking water purifier OZX-1000BT
    Ozone generator model OZX-1000BT has the high quality of professional appliances but is available at a consumer price. It uses a highly efficient ozone production technology, also known as a corona discharge, a 25 CFM high-flow cooling fan, providing a consistent and high output of ozone (up to 1000..
  • Ozone generator with a capacity of 200 mg/ h and low power consumption OZ-30N
    Ozone generator OZ-30N is among the latest developments of its kind. It can be used in domestic and commercial buildings, helping to completely eliminate all harmful microorganisms and bacteria present in the air, drinking water and food. Extremely suitable for cleaning fruits and vegetables from ha..

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