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  • Handheld 58-90% refractometer Brix, Baume, Water RHB-90ATC
    The RHB-90ATC Handheld Refractometer is made to measure,contol and monitor the percentage of dissolved sucrose in water as well as the water content of different liquids, fruits and vegetables. The appliance can be especially useful for people who produce their own crops, raise honey bees, prepare w..
  • Handheld Alcohol Test Refractometer 0 – 80% ATC RHW-80ATC
    The handheld refractometer RHW-80ATC serves to measure the concentration of alcohol in alcoholic solutions but not to measure sucrose levels in grape wine and other fruit wines. The unit of this device is W / W (Weight / Weight), the recommended operating temperature is 20 ° C or ranging from 18 ° C..
  • Handheld refractometer for antifreeze liquid and battery and cleaning fluids RHA-503ATC
    This traditional handheld refractometer is equipped with a '° C' measuring system. It is suitable for measuring the concentration and density of battery and cleaning fluids and antifreeze liquid. Unlike other similar devices, this model uses a 4-scales design in order to also measure the freezing po..
  • New Design Alcohol Refractometer 0- 25% ATC RHWN-25ATCBr
    RHWN-25ATCBr is a new generation refractometer designed and developed for maximum user convenience. It does not need a calibration screwdriver, because a built-in knob is fitted for calibration. You can also enjoy a fully adjustable focus that you can control and adjust manually. The RHWN-25 / Br..
  • Traditional Brix refractometer with ATC RHB-32ATC
    Measuring device, Model RHB-32ATC is a traditional professional refractometer used to measure the concentration of sugar in aqueous and other solutions. It can also serve to measure the total amount of solids in soups or water-soluble adhesives, as well as to determine the degree of fermentation in ..

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