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  • Digital sound level meter 40-130 dB with USB and CD software SLM-814CD
    The SLM-184 CD is a highly accurate, compact and user-friendly professional sound level meter. It is an enhanced version of the many sound level measuring devices offered at the market and is adapted to a wide range of measurements - from 40 to 130 dB and equipped with a huge number of user function..
  • Digital sound pressure level meter Decibel 130 dB SLM-814
    The SLM-184 is an accurate professional sound  meter with an analogue output signal adapted for sound pressure levels measurement up  to  ± 2dB. It has very wide range of measurment of 40 ~ 130 dB, bar graph display, A / C frequency measurement, Fast / Slow response and max hold funct..
  • Professional sound level meter 30 ~ 130dB CD Software & Bluetooth SL-5868P blue
    The SL-5868P_blue is a high qualityprofessional sound level meter with a wider, 30-130dB measuring range and with calibration signal of 94dB at 1 kHz, built-in. It measures 4 parameters such as:Leq, Lp,  Lmax, LN. The measuring device  can store 30 sets  of results of measurement and ..
  • Professional sound level meter with data logging function and large measuring range - 30 dB - 130 dB SLM-25
    The SLM-25 is an easy to use and compact professional device that comes with a PC software CD-ROM. With an extremely wide range of measuring of 30dB ~ 130dB, this sound level meter can be used extensively in modern life, such as: environmental analysis, workplace design,  law enforcement, and s..
  • Professional sound level meter with display backlight 30dB-130dB SLM-24
    Sound level meter The SLM-24 is a compact professional device offering significantly larger measurement ranges than comparable lower cost devices. Its recording capacity varies between 30dB ~ 130dB, while having the ability to reduce noise caused by wind, providing extremely high measurement accurac..
  • Sound level meter with the SL-5868P software CD SL-5868P
    SL-5868P is a versatile measuring meter with very wide and big measuring range -  30-130dB. It offers a  built-in 94dB calibration signal at 1kHz, the unit is with 4 measurement parameters - Lp, Leq, Lmax, LN (percentage of all values set through the alarm setting). With this innovative..
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