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  • 3-in-1 Metal Wood Studs AC Voltage Scanner E04-022
    3in1 scanner is a sophisticated compact device designed to detect from a distance hidden in ceilings, floors and plasters different by type of components. For each individual component, the unit uses a separate operating mode, allowing you to choose between: “Stud” for wooden studs and pins, ''metal..
  • 3in1 Multiscanner LCD Stud Detector Metal Voltage Cable Wood Finder JDT-08
    This 3in1 multiscanner has no problem with scanning walls, floors and ceilings. It easily identifies the exact location of wooden studs, ceiling joists, AC conductors and metal components hidden behind drywall, concrete and other similar building materials. The scanner is designed to detect AC live&..
  • 5in1 Distance Meter Stud Metal Live Wire Detector & Laser Marker CK-109G
    This multifunctional stud detector is used to quickly and easily measure distances and wall scanning. The results are provided on a 2-inch (50.8mm) LCD backlight display, allowing you to report the results even in dark places. The appliance also has a Class 2 laser confirming that complies with the ..
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