Surface Roughness Testers

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  • Digital surface roughness tester 4 parameters (Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt) SRT-6210
    This is a compact digital tester of surface roughness and  is designed for measurement of 4 parameters - Rq, Rt,Ra, Rz,  using a built-in diamond pin probe. A tester of this quality can be particularly useful in the manufacturing industry to measure the roughness of various machined parts...
  • High precision portable surface roughness tester Rz Ra SRT-6100
    The SRT-6100 is a new-generation meter developed according to the  4 international standards: ISO, ANSI, DIN, and JIS. Its purpose is to measure the roughness of various surfaces, such as machined parts. The widest application is found in the light and heavy industry, and besides measuring, it ..
  • Surface roughness tester with 2 parameters (Ra, Rz) SRT-6200
    The SRT-6200 is a precise,compact device which measures the roughness of different surfaces.The measurement of two parameters (Ra, Rz) is done with the built-in diamond pin probe. The device uses four wave-filtering methods (RC, GAUSS, PC-RC,  & D-P), and the  parameters can be tran..
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