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  • 2-in-1 digital, laser photo and contact tachometer w / ft & m / min DT-2236C
    The DT-2236C digital instrument ensures very accurate and fast results from any measurement - no errors or guesses. The device automatically stores the last,minimum or maximum measurement values that can be reviewed at any time for further verification and analysis. This is a RPM accuracy tool that ..
  • Digital laser 2-in-1 photo tachometer - contact and non-contact RPM DT-6236B
    The 2in1 digital laser tachometer is easy to carry, battery operated, making it perfect tool for any kind of working conditions. It combines 3 measurements in one single device - laser or photo measurements, contact or surface speed measurement, operating at a distance of up to 500 mm from the refle..
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  • Digital laser non-contact photo-tachometer RPM measurement DM-6234P
    This high-quality, non-contact tachometer has a wide range of measurement and high resolution. With an LED or laser, it accurately measures the RPM without touching the rotating or moving object. It offers a high accuracy of ± 0.05%, instantaneous response time, automatic range selection, low power ..
  • Handheld digital laser non-contact tachometer TAC-44
    The TAC-44 is a handheld non-contact digital laser  tachometer designed to measure the rotational speed  in applications where the use of a contact tachometer would be dangerous or impossible. Its use is as simple as possible - just place a piece of the reflexive material included in the s..
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