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  • 0-1000mV ORP REDOX meter pen type ORP-1692
    The ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential is typically used to measure water disinfection values, a value being directly related to water quality and purity. The ORP-1695 meter offers extremely reliable measurements in a wide range and with high precision. It is widely used in the maintenance of aqua..
  • 2 in 1 industrial digital pH and ORP controller with electrodes PH-303
    This 2-in-1 pH / ORP controller is ideal for owners of freshwater planted aquarium as well as the serious saltwater hobbyist. . It simultaneously controls and measures the pH and Redox (ORP) values, showing the values of both indicators on a large LCD screen by switching a button. In addition, 2 ..
  • 2 in 1 pH / TDS Tester with Replaceable Electrode for Water Quality Monitoring PHM-003
    Both pH and TDS  (TotalDissolved Solids) are important parameters when monitoring the level of contamination in water. This makes the PHM-003 a very useful device for environmental monitoring and for use in laboratories, hydroponics, aquariums, pools, spas and the food industry. This 2 in 1 ..
  • 2-in-1 ORP & Temperature meter pen type ORP-001
    2 in 1 ORP & Temperature meter, which can be used for both professional and non-professional  use. This is a compact meter that measures oxidation reduction potential  (ORP), which is particularly relevant for water disinfection. ORP values are of paramount importance for water quality..
  • 3-in-1 waterproof EC / CF / TDS water quality tester EC-1385
    The 3-in-1 model EC-1385 is an extremely useful tool for measuring TDS levels in various industries where water quality control is needed. Total dissolved solids (TDS) include: inorganic salts and small amounts of organic substances that dissolve in water. The main ingredients are usually cations - ..
  • 3in1 ORP mV / PH / temperature tester PH-0131
    This modern pH, ORP and temperature meter is specifically designed to provide accurate measurements even under harsh conditions. The controller is equipped with TRIPLE SCALE, pH, mV and Temp, providing a higher level of measurement up to 0-14.00pH, 0 to ± 1999mV and 0 ° C to 100 ° C. These are the m..
  • 6 in 1 Combo Water Quality Tester Pen type- pH, ORP, EC, TDS, Salinity and Temperature M0199720
    This 6- in- 1 pen type multi-parameter tester for water quality is adapted to measure pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature (° Celsius / ° Fahrenheit), TDS and salinity without having to use several different devices. All this measures are of great significance when you want to keep the water pure and ..
  • 6 in 1 multifunctional tester - EC CF TDS PH ° Celsius ° Fahrenheit PHT-026
    PHT-026 is a multifunctional water quality tester designed to  measure water quality by six different parameters, including pH, EC,° C, ° F,  CF and TDS (Parts per Million) at the same time. Simultaneous analysis of 6 water quality parameters with one immersion probe system allows you to c..
  • 7 in 1 water quality meter PHT-027
    This is a multifunctional water quality meter that measures not only one or two but all 7 parameters, including: ORP (MV), pH, CF, EC, TDS (parts per million) ° Fahrenheit and ° Celsius of water or other liquid substances. The multi-parameter 7in1 water quality monitor is a versatile tool with many ..
  • Conductivity and water temperature meter with dual display 8351
    This dual function meter can simultaneously measure the conductivity and temperature of the water, showing simultaneously the two results on the dual LCD display. Compact and super-accurate, it is widely used and is perfect for both consumer and commercial purposes and training. This precision wa..
  • Digital 2-in-1 Ph / ORP / mV CO2 Controller PH-203
    Digital 2 in 1 controller, which provides simultaneous measurement and control of levels of two very important parameters - pH and ORP. It is a reliable, convenient and very precise device that allows continuous monitoring of water quality in aquariums, fish farms and other aqua systems. The devi..
  • Digital EC meter for electrical conductivity of water with ATC EC-1382
    Electrical conductivity is always associated with water purity and quality and is one of the most commonly used parameters for checking the relative purity of water. Conductivity is expressed in micro siemens per centimeter (μS / cm) and used to measure the quality of raw or primary water. With this..
  • Digital Electrical Conductivity Pen Type Meter with ATC EC-1383
    The accurate and reliable EC-1383 has the same functionality as the EC-1382,but measurements are in ms / cm. Electrical conductivity (EC) is a measurement of dissolved solids in water, these dissolved solids being actually conductors of electricity. The EC (conductivity) is measured in millisiemens ..
  • Digital ORP / Redox Pen Type Tester - Waterproof IP65 ORP8552
    ORP - Oxidation Reduction Potential is one of the main indicators for water purity testing. Reduction potentials of aqueous solutions are determined by measuring the potential difference between an inert sensing electrode in contact with the solution and a stable reference electrode connected to the..
  • Digital pH & ORP (2in1) Controller with Electrode PH-803
    The PH-803 is the most advanced type of controller that can simultaneously measure, display, and adjust the pH and Redox (ORP) values. The set also includes two BNC electrodes (pH and redox) that can be easily replaced at any time, as well as two circuits and two switching sockets for the easiest mo..
  • Digital pH controller with BNC electrode 220V or 110V CO2 PH-301
    The PH-301 controller is an improved version of the PH-201. This is an industrial version with a better body structure designed for more intensive use. This device has the ability to measure and control pH levels in water and other liquids. Ideal for aquariums, hydroponic systems, laboratories and m..
  • Digital pH controller with electrode and calibration solutions 110V or 220V PH-201
    The PH-201 Digital Controller is a fully automated system to help stabilize water pH or other liquids that need to be controlled. The system includes a pH controller so that there is no need of separate CO2 tester in aquariums and other similar devices. The PH-201 controller controls the pH levels t..
  • Digital pH meter / pen type thermometer with 12 cm probe PH869-2
    The PH869-2 Digital Meter measures a wide range of parameters, the main purpose of which is to measure pH (alkalinity / acidity) in various liquid substances, for example: aquariums, tanks, aquaculture, food processing, laboratory tests, quality control, swimming pools, wastewater stations, hydropon..
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